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Jointly fighting against the "epidemic", Jinzhou Xinhua Dragon Group is taking action

Nov 08,2022       browse:2777 times

The sudden epidemic has made our city of heroes press the pause button. All staff Nucleic acid test and regional silent management are working hard to prevent the spread of the epidemic. In the midst of prosperity and hustle and bustle, many anti epidemic heroes have gone retrograde and dedicated their youth and blood with practical actions. Jinzhou Xinhua Long Group also has such a group of volunteers who are dedicating their light and heat to the fight against the "epidemic".

As of November 4, the epidemic situation in all regions of Jinzhou City was still serious, epidemic prevention work was urgent, and epidemic service personnel were seriously short. According to the instructions of the leaders of New Hualong Group Company, the employees of Tianqiao New Materials actively responded and quickly organized a 20 person youth volunteer service team. On November 5th, they participated in the epidemic prevention and control work at the main traffic intersections and communities in the city, contributing their youth strength to safeguarding the health of the people. At the same time, Jinzhou Xinhualong Group issued a proposal letter to the group's young employees, calling on everyone to actively participate in the voluntary work of epidemic prevention and control, and demonstrate the youthful strength of Xinhualong's young people in the new era, who are brave, willing to contribute, and positive.

Although the epidemic is rampant, I will take the lead in combating it. While cooperating with the government in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Jinzhou Xinhualong Group actively undertakes the social responsibility of the enterprise, donating 500000 yuan for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Jinzhou City, and also donating 20 boxes of mineral water, 50 boxes of fruit, 30 boxes of free cleaning and disinfection hand sanitizer and other epidemic prevention materials to the community.

Although the epidemic has not ended, as long as everyone works together to fight the epidemic, a beautiful tomorrow is in sight!