Liaoning New China Dragon Dayou Moly Co.,Ltd.

Company Vision:

To be a first-class domestic and world-renowned company in the molybdenum industry.

Company Mission:

Provide customers with high-quality products to meet their needs;

Provide employees with fair opportunities to realize their own value;

Responsible for shareholders, ensuring the creation of profits and sustainable appreciation;

To benefit society and win widespread recognition and respect from society.

Company Strategy:

Industrial strategy: Adhere to the molybdenum industry as the foundation, strengthen resource reserves and development.

Product strategy: stabilize quality, enhance technical content, and achieve specialization, precision, and novelty.

Talent strategy: internal training and external attraction, building a team, and improving quality.

Technology strategy: accumulation and inheritance, development and innovation, introduction and absorption, energy conservation and efficiency.

Market strategy: customer orientation, expanding channels, providing differentiated services, and enhancing the brand.

Core values:

Honesty, trustworthiness, exploration, innovation, and win-win cooperation