Liaoning New China Dragon Dayou Moly Co.,Ltd.

trends in science and technology

The technical center of the company has a group of professional technicians with higher education and rich practical experience who have been engaged in the development of molybdenum series products for a long time. Adhere to the principle of independent research and development, integrate the strength of scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, and successively establish cooperative relations with Central South University, Northeast University, Anhui Metallurgical Science Research Institute, OMT Corporation of the United States, University of Science and Technology Beijing, etc., to gather the strengths of many families, and devote to multi-level technology research and development of molybdenum mining, selection, metallurgy, etc., to serve the development of enterprises.

quality system 

Quality management:

After several years of development, the company has become a highly specialized company in the molybdenum industry nationwide. The company has proposed a quality development policy: "Better (enterprise environmental protection, healthy development), faster (seizing opportunities, tripartite balance), stronger (creating brand, creating reputation) Establish a sound quality management system, actively carry out comprehensive quality management, establish a daily operation and supervision mechanism for product quality management, eliminate unqualified products from leaving the factory, and ensure the manufacturing quality and sales quality of products; Realize the standardization, rationalization, and institutionalization of internal quality control within the company; Enhance the competitiveness of products in the international market, provide a foundation for enterprises to embark on sustainable development, and ensure the provision of satisfactory products to users.

Environmental management:

The company actively adheres to the concept of protecting the environment and preventing pollution, emphasizing the use of advanced environmental equipment to purify and maintain the ecological environment. It is one of the first enterprises in the molybdenum industry in China to achieve emission standards. The company's dust removal and desulfurization series of environmental protection equipment technology is leading in China, meeting the requirements of green environmental protection.

Occupational Health and Safety Management:

The company firmly adheres to the policy of "safety first, prevention first" and prioritizes occupational health and safety as the top priority. Adopting advanced technology and scientific management methods, strengthening occupational health and safety knowledge training and education, improving employees' operational skills, providing a good working environment for employees, reducing the occurrence of occupational diseases, and providing a good foundation for the healthy development of the company.

The company has established a quality, environmental, occupational health, and safety management system. After several years of improvement and development, it has been effectively operated and has been recognized by domestic and foreign experts and user units, and has received good evaluations.