Liaoning New China Dragon Dayou Moly Co.,Ltd.

Talent strategy: internal training and external attraction, building a team, and improving quality.

Xinhua Long's Talent View

  ——Attracting Talent on Stage
  ——Competitive discovery of talent
  ——Cultural casting talents
  ——Team Motivating Talents

Attracting Talent on Stage

  Xinhua Dragon adheres to the principle of "attracting talents on stage". The development of enterprises also provides broad development space for the development of enterprise talents. If you are a talent, "Xinhua Dragon" will set up a stage for you to showcase your talents.

Competitive discovery of talent

  Xinhualong is committed to creating a fair, just, and open internal competition platform for enterprises. Internal positions are subject to competition, and talent is discovered through competition, allowing talents to enter various fields of Xinhualong.

Cultural casting talents

  After more than 10 years of development, "Xinhua Long" has accumulated a profound corporate culture. The corporate culture of "Xinhua Long" has trained and cast a large number of corporate talents, and the executives, middle level, and business backbone of the enterprise are all formed through the casting of the enterprise.
  The corporate culture of "Xinhualong" is highly recognized by the Hualong people, and it will inevitably gain the recognition of those who aspire to succeed.

Team Motivating Talents

  Xinhua Dragon has a wise team leader and a high-quality team, and every team member who enters Xinhua Dragon will quickly integrate into it.
  The united, collaborative, diligent and pragmatic work style of the "Xinhua Dragon" team will inspire every Hualong person to develop.