Liaoning New China Dragon Dayou Moly Co.,Ltd.

Liaoning Xinhua Longdayou Molybdenum Industry Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a gazelle enterprise. The enterprise technology center has been recognized as a provincial-level enterprise technology center and is a high growth innovative enterprise. Based on innovative development, the company attaches great importance to technological innovation and research and development work from top to bottom, closely focusing on the main product processes of molybdenum roasting and molybdenum metallurgy, with the goal of reducing costs, improving product quality, and improving automation level. Over the years, the company has continuously carried out innovative work in processes, methods, and equipment, and has achieved a large number of innovative results, which have been applied in production practice, achieving significant economic benefits, Some of these innovative achievements have been applied for national patents.

As of the end of May 2023, the company has 19 valid patents and 2 software copyrights. Among them, the national invention patents "a production process of baking highly soluble molybdenum oxide in an internally heated Rotary kiln", "an intelligent and efficient batching method for producing ferromolybdenum alloy with low cost and high yield", and other patent projects have played a very critical role in the progress of the company's baking process technology, smelting process technology, and improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The company attaches great importance to the protection of technology patents and establishes specialized agencies to manage intellectual property rights, effectively protecting the company's proprietary technology and patent rights and interests