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Xinhua Longdayou Molybdenum Industry Holds a Clean Production Audit and Evaluation Meeting

May 31,2023       browse:2645 times

On the afternoon of May 26th, Xinhua Longyou Molybdenum Industry held a clean production audit expert evaluation meeting to enhance the level of green manufacturing in enterprises, promote green empowerment, promote energy conservation and resource utilization efficiency. Qi Jiacai, Director of Jinzhou Monitoring Department, Yang Congying, Section Chief, Chen Jun, Deputy Station Director of Jinzhou Environmental Monitoring Center, Dong Chunyan, Deputy Director of Linghai Environmental Protection Bureau, and relevant experts attended the meeting.

At the meeting, experts explained the "Clean Production Promotion Law" and the "Clean Production Audit Measures". Enterprises and audit institutions introduced the development of clean production, the implementation of no/low cost plans, and the main content of the clean production report. According to the national "Guidelines for Clean Production Audit Evaluation and Acceptance", the expert group believes that after the clean production audit of the molybdenum iron production unit of Liaoning Xinhua Longdayou Molybdenum Industry Co., Ltd., the fuel gas and electricity consumption indicators per unit product are far less than the control indicators of the operating procedures. Due to the addition of sulfuric acid production capacity, the electricity consumption per unit product and the particulate matter emissions per unit product are less than the control indicators of the operating procedures, and the sulfur dioxide emissions per unit product have been reduced. Based on comprehensive analysis, through this round of clean production audit, the clean production level of molybdenum iron production equipment has significantly improved, and it can reach the advanced level in China from the general level before the audit. The technical quality of this round of clean production audit meets the requirements.

In the future, Xinhualong Dayou Molybdenum will achieve the goal of ultra-low emissions, and make the company's greatest efforts and due contributions to improve the atmospheric environment of Jinzhou City and benefit the local people.