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The 2022 "Xinhua Dragon Cup" basketball match came to a successful conclusion

Sep 30,2022       browse:2952 times

In order to build a healthy and civilized corporate culture atmosphere, enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance communication among employees, and form a positive and cooperative team spirit, the group company organized the 2022 "Xinhua Dragon Cup" basketball competition event from September 27th to 28th.

Each unit actively responded to this event and organized employees to participate. The competition process was exciting and lively, with a lively atmosphere and active participation from both the contestants and the audience. In the game, each team member carries out their own duties, unwilling to be outdone, and moves forward courageously. Although everyone is close colleagues off the field, they are fierce competitors on the field, all striving for their own team's victory.

In the middle of the game, the team leadership assistance and audience interaction were added, pushing the game to a climax. While the audience actively participated, they also received exquisite gifts.

After two days of intense competition, the representative team of the supply and marketing company ultimately won the championship, the second production team won the runner up, the first production team won the third place, and the representative team of the headquarters office won the Positive Progress Award.

The launch of the 2022 basketball game is an important part of the company's corporate culture construction. The event not only enriches the employees' leisure life, but also showcases the good mental outlook and positive and healthy mentality of the New Hualong employees. In the future, the company will continue to carry out rich and colorful cultural and sports activities, promote the physical and mental health development of employees, enrich the company's corporate culture construction, and promote the vigorous and rapid development of Xinhua Long Group.