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Love is like home, labor is glorious

Sep 08,2022       browse:2931 times

In order to support the production and construction of Dayou Molybdenum Industry, accelerate the laying of roadside tiles for the completed road construction project, and fully reflect the cohesion and Centripetal force of all departments of the company, the Enterprise Management Department of the Group Company organized male comrades from functional departments to work in Dayou Molybdenum Industry on the afternoon of September 1.

After careful division of labor, the participating workers carried out site leveling and weeding work in the east side of the cafeteria and the west side of the smelting workshop 4. The scorching sun scorched the earth, and the sweat of labor soaked everyone's backs. In labor, everyone closely cooperates and divides tasks in an orderly manner. Some shovel weeds, some transport debris, some level the completed land, and some pick up garbage without leaving any blind spots.

From the scorching sun to the setting sun, after nearly 2 hours of hard work, the day's labor task was successfully completed. The labor area is standardized, flat, and clean, and the site has taken on a new look, laying the foundation for laying floor tiles in Dayou Molybdenum Industry.

Through this labor, not only has the factory environment been improved, but also the physical fitness of employees has been exercised, and the spirit of mutual cooperation and courage to endure hardships has been enhanced. It also fully demonstrates the good demeanor of Hualong people, who are hardworking, down-to-earth, hardworking, and united. In the future, the company will organize meaningful collective labor from time to time, forming a positive energy of "loving the company as home and working honorably" among employees, promoting the rapid development of the company.