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Dayou Molybdenum Industry Participated in Emergency Rescue Drill of Natural Gas Leakage Accident in Linghai City

Aug 04,2022       browse:3237 times

In order to effectively enhance the safety production awareness of all staff and improve the emergency response capability, on August 3, 2022, Linghai Municipal Government, Dayou Economic Zone, Jinzhou Anran High Energy Cutting Gas Co., Ltd. and other departments and enterprises jointly organized and carried out the "Watch Safe-2022" Linghai Natural Gas Leakage Emergency Drill, and Dayou Molybdenum Industry was invited to participate in the emergency drill as a group performance unit.

This drill simulates a pipeline leak and injuries at Jinzhou Anran High Energy Cutting Gas Co., Ltd. After the accident occurred, the Municipal Safety Committee immediately activated the municipal emergency plan upon learning of the situation. The rescue and rescue team, environmental monitoring team, public security team, medical rescue team and other rescue teams immediately responded to the alarm and quickly rushed to the scene to implement rescue. Set up checkpoints on the surrounding main road sections to prevent non emergency vehicles and personnel from entering the site; The fire emergency team sprayed and cooled the gas storage tank, diluted the combustible gas in the surrounding air, and reduced the concentration of combustible gas. Through the collaborative operation of various rescue teams, all rescue work was successfully completed.

By participating in this emergency drill, participants from Dayou Molybdenum Industry have gained a clearer understanding of the emergency rescue work for natural gas leakage accidents, and have gained a further understanding of specific tasks such as plan preparation, rescue process, and rescue division. This drill provides vivid cases and rich practical experience for the company's future safety accident emergency rescue work.