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Leaders of Jinzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce and Jinzhou Teachers College visited our company

Aug 05,2022       browse:3817 times

On August 4, 2022, Yang Hongjie, chairman of Jinzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, Wang Minmin, vice-chairman, and Chen Jianjun, president of Jinzhou Teachers College, led a group of more than 20 teachers' college presidents, secretaries, and entrepreneurs to visit our company for research. Company leaders such as Zhang Shaoqiang accompanied the research.

Zhang Shaoqiang first warmly welcomed Chairman Yang, teachers from teachers' colleges, and entrepreneurs for their visits and exchanges. At the same time, he gave a detailed introduction to the development of the company's production and operation, product market prospects, development plans, business environment, talent needs, etc. Mr. Zhang also expressed the hope to strengthen communication and exchange between enterprises and universities in various aspects through the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, achieve information resource sharing, and promote cooperation and win-win development between both parties.

At the exchange meeting, Principal Chen Jianjun of Jinzhou Normal College gave a detailed introduction to the development of the college and the current situation of various disciplines in the school. At the same time, we will conduct in-depth exchanges on the student status, enrollment status, and employment situation of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Computer Science, and School of Environmental Science that can form docking and cooperation with enterprises. Consensus has also been reached on the issues raised by enterprises such as talent cultivation and building a school enterprise joint linkage platform.

Finally, President Yang Hongjie pointed out that the Federation of Industry and Commerce should give full play to its role as a bridge and link, strengthen the interaction between enterprises and universities, better play the role of guidance, service and cohesion, and further enhance the cohesion and Centripetal force of the Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce. After the exchange meeting, the visitors visited the company's workshop together, gave full recognition to the clean environment of the workshop and high-quality products, and finally wished the enterprise a thriving development and further progress.